Town of Bassendean

Town of Bassendean – Youth Policy Statement
The Bassendean Town Council readily accepts that it has a major role in creating and developing a strong, cohesive community where people support each other and work together to achieve their desired quality of community life. Council sees the identification and satisfaction of young people’s needs as critical to the development of a strong healthy community and an important investment in the Town’s future success. The fulfillment of the Town’s vision as a preferred community in which to live, work and visit will involve young people fulfilling their potential, minimising harmful behaviours, making valuable contributions to the community and becoming the future leaders of the community.


Youth Policy Principles
Town of Bassendean Youth Services’ role and participation in Youth Affairs will be guided by the following specific principles.

Council will support services, programs and facilities for young people, which are;

Planned and Coordinated – recognising services to the community are best delivered in a holistic, co-ordinated manner and that any planning processes (such as land use planning, strategic planning and recreation planning) must consider the needs of young people.

Efficient and Accountable – requires services for young people to be delivered in a cost effective, competitive, transparent and accountable manner.

Participative – recognises that, as users of Council and community services and facilities, young people should be directly involved at all stages in their development, design and management. Council encourages young people’s participation in Council decision making processes and in community life in general.

Accessible – ensures that young people have ready access to a comprehensive range of services and facilities in the community.

Recognise Diversity and Equity – recognises the diversity amongst young people in planning any strategies or responses to youth issues and recognises that the most disadvantaged young people require additional support.

Collaborative Partnerships – actively recognises the value of individuals and agencies working collaboratively and in partnership to address youth issues.