Bassendean Gallery

If you have an artistic flair, get involved with the ‘Bassendean Gallery’ Project!

We’re replacing the existing graffiti along the footpath between Railway Parade and the river in Success Hill with 2.4m x 1.2m (landscape) marine ply boards.

The opportunity is open to young artists wishing to put their skills on display, and as the site is next to the train tracks their piece will be seen by the millions of commutes made each year along the Midland line.

The Project is not just for urban artists either.  Painted art pieces of any kind are invited, so those that prefer a brush to a spray can are encouraged to participate.

Here’s the best part though… We will pay for up to $350 worth of art materials!  That’s right, we will provide the boards and pay for your gear once you’ve decided what you need.

There’s a few criteria and a couple of hoops to jump through first:

Send us some pics of past work you have done so that we know it will meet a certain standard, and provide a basic sketch of what you’re proposing to paint. 

We won’t be accepting lettering or stylised words, as these are often seen by the general public in illegal settings, and we want to separate this project from that perception.

Proposals can’t be controversial in any way so protest pieces, violence or images that are sexually explicit won’t be accepted. Please be aware that although most applicants will have the opportunity to participate, there is no guarantee that every piece will be installed on the wall beside the train line.  If your piece does not end up being installed, you’ll get to keep it.

So, how do you get involved?  Easy… give Greg a call at BYS on 9279 2329 or email