Bassendean Gallery

Thank you to everyone involved in producing the ‘Bassendean Gallery’!

We’ve replaced the old graffiti along the footpath between Railway Parade and the river in Success Hill with amazing art works protected by an anti-graffiti coating.

Young artists were able to put their skills on display at a site that runs along the Midland Train Line where their pieces can be seen by the millions of commutes made each year.

The Project was not just for urban artists.  Painted art pieces of any kind were invited, and those that prefer a brush to a spray can were encouraged to participate.

The ‘Bassendean Gallery’ comprises over 50 artworks from 42 Perth artists in an initiative to combat ongoing vandalism.

The Town of Bassendean’s Mayor, Kath Hamilton voiced her support for project;

“The Town of Bassendean has been successful in providing a practical yet beautiful solution to an issue that directly affected the amenity of residents and users of the shared path, by partnering with the arts community and local property owners. Thanks to all the artists involved in the project who have donated their creative intellectual property to help transform the site and allow commuters and path users to appreciate it for many years to come.”

So, where to from here? 

Bassendean Youth Services is looking for new sites for the installation of additional art boards.  If you’d like to get involved in future opportunities to display your work, give Greg a call at on 9279 2329 or email