Bassendean-Lockridge Youth Service was established in late 1985 with funding from the State Government, as a response to law and order issues. The community based organisation operated two separate ‘Drop-In style’ Youth Centres in Lockridge and Bassendean. The Bassendean Town Council provided support for this organisation through rent subsidy, officer support and direct cash donation.

In 1991 the State Government withdrew substantial funding from both Youth Centres. Lotteries Commission provided temporary relief, but the Town of Bassendean explored more secure funding in the form of triennial funding from the Department of Community Services (now Department for Child Protection and Family Support) on a 2 to 1 dollar ratio.

December 1991 the Town of Bassendean became the legal sponsor of Bassendean Youth Services. The Council has been sponsoring the service ever since with an increase in the funding now being dollar for dollar with the Department for Community Development, Family and Children’s Services. Bassendean Youth Services has also increased the programmes provided through successful funding opportunities with the Department Education and Workplace Relations (JPET) and the Department of Justice